Welcome to Made in SI

This site is still pretty raw but really I had this idea about making a shirt that everyone from Staten Island can be proud of. I first made it as a thank you to people who worked on my last music video but then Superstorm Sandy hit, and being a Staten Islander meant a very different thing after that. Staten Islanders help others in need, especially at the most dire of times. I’m proud to be a Staten Islander. It made me who I am and I want everyone else to be proud of the things that come from our home.

For now I’m making these t-shirts to help earn money to make a silly film from some talented Staten Islanders. Mostly Staten Islanders will be working on it and it will be shot here. When you buy are shirt, you are also helping make more great things happen in Staten Island.

Allow for up to 3 weeks for shirt to be made. (1 week for shirt to come in, 2 weeks to be able to make it)

Visit The Shirts Page to order yours!